Peace is the method, goal and purpose of all divine messages

Peace is the method, goal and purpose of all divine messages

The word “peace” and its derivatives appear in the Holy Qur’an (47) times, God urges people to it and it must be the basis of their lives and works for it; while the word war was mentioned 4 times only; also the word “fighting” was mentioned in the Noble Quran only (10) times, and it is conditional.

All this is proof that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and coexistence; so we must keeping in mind the management of diversity is one of the foundations of the Islamic religion.


The concept of good citizenship

The concept of good citizenship is equality between the rights and duties of all members of the state, and it means non-discrimination between citizens of their diversity, and it codifies the relationship between the citizen and the homeland, and between the individual and society, and between the government and the governed, and it also means strengthening the bond between the people of the same country on the basis of unity, which is A concept shared by all religions

The concept of dialogue as the best method of communication between humans

Dialogue is defined as the discussion between people in calm, respect and tolerance, without prejudice to a particular opinion or racism it is a basic requirement of life because it makes the exchange of ideas possible and easy and makes us understand each other.

It is also known as cooperation between the negotiating parties with the aim of knowing the truth and reaching it. That each side reveals everything that is hidden from the other side