Our Focus

We work to consolidate the meanings of religious and societal dialogue, enhance the culture of tolerance, aim to build peace, reject racism, abolish hate speech, and combat extremism. To achieve that we enhance:

  • The dialogue
  • Peace building
  • Counter extremism

For this purpose, we follow the method of training, research, raising the culture of the community, and promoting volunteer work

As a non-governmental organization, we operate in complete independence and focus on

  • Rural communities
  • Areas of conflict and war
  • High school and college students
  • Community leaders and civil administrations
  • Remote areas and border areas
  • Islamic and Christian clergy
  • Teachers and university professors

Therefore, we look forward to absolute cooperation with civil society organizations in Sudan and around the world.

That’s why we follow:

1/ Spreading awareness through:

  • Awareness convoys
  • Research and lectures
  • The pulpits of mosques and churches

2/ Dispute resolved by:

  • Preaching and urging peace
  • Maximizing the value of peace and coexistence
  • Stimulating cooperation between societies
  • Promote dialogue and acceptance of diversity

3/ Raising the value of citizenship by:

  • Recognizing the right of others to believe freely
  • The existence of commonalities between sectarian differences
  • Collaboration between different groups of society

4/ Highest value for diversity via:

  • Show the advantages of diversity
  • Dissimilarity management training
  • Improving the level of cooperation under diversity