Religious Heritage

Attention to the Sudanese religious heritage and its human dimension to benefit from it in spreading awareness of diversity and recognition of the other

Children with Cancer

Caring for children with cancer, In addition to providing caring for a child with cancer We provide support and resources to families

Acknowledgment of the other

Acknowledgment of the other and his basic rights in choosing his belief and developing his culture, dialect and language.

Alaietidal Organization


Alaietidal Organization for Dialogue, Peace building and combating Extremism is a non-governmental organization that works to consolidate the meanings of religious and societal dialogue and promote a culture of tolerance and aims to build peace, reject racism, abolish hate speech and combat extremism.


Alaietidal Concepts

We proceed from several basic concepts that form the cornerstone of our work, such as:

Peace as method, goal and purpose of all religious messages.

The concept of good citizenship.

The concept of dialogue as the best method of communication between humans. etc.