Who We Are

The Organization

Alaietidal Organization for Dialogue, Peace building and combating Extremism is a non-governmental organization that works to consolidate the meanings of religious and societal dialogue and promote a culture of tolerance and aims to build peace, reject racism, abolish hate speech and combat extremism.


Our Vision

Reaching an organization characterized by spreading awareness and scientific research and spreading it to contribute to the scientific and intellectual movement in order to mobilize human energies and push for building a peaceful, non extreming, and systematic society.

Our message

Working to lead society towards lofty values and virtuous morals, establishing respect for humanity, strengthening the principle of dialogue, rejecting hate speech, spreading a culture of literature of difference, managing diversity, advocating social peace and religious tolerance, and preserving the safety and security of the nation, led by youth and women.


Our Objectives

1) Work to raise the capabilities of youth through training and scientific research to combat extremism.
2) Developing social communication skills.
3) Promoting a culture of dialogue, tolerance and community peace.
4) Spreading societal awareness to achieve peace and manage religious and ethnic diversity.
5) Supporting and strengthening civil society in building productive and effective partnerships in the field of peace, tolerance and combating extremism.
6) Encouraging and honoring young researchers, talented people and those interested in promoting a culture of peace and tolerance from inside and outside the country.
7) Achieving sustainable development goals and promoting human rights.